Western UP: The Game Changers of Election 2017 are the Jats who just threw the 2014 verdict topsy turvy

Sunday, February 12, 2017

“In 2014, BJP would not have lost the election had the Muzaffarnagar riots not broke out. They came to power on the back of broken promises and polarisation! The riots were planned and executed by the BJP. Their only job is to divide the people” he roars as his supporters break into thunderous applause.

“Last year, after the agitation, I met Prime Minister Narendra Modi who assured us that reservations would be given to Jats but the government never fulfilled its promise. They will now learn that Jats across the country stand in solidarity with each other. If they oppress Jats in Haryana, their brothers in western UP will not stay silent. Jats here will vote against the BJP en mass,” Malik told News 18.

According to Ajatshatru Panwar, the western UP president of the Jat Mahasabha, they will continue to campaign against the BJP. “Jat ke bina Muslim kuch nahi hai aur Muslim ke bina Jat kuch nahi hai. (Muslims here are nothing without Jats and Jats here are nothing without Muslims). Our region was prosperous because Jats and Muslims worked together and had a deep relationship. BJP ruined that relationship and that has caused irreparable damage to agriculture in western UP. They have isolated Jats from all communities. We will punish them for this.”

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