Video of Amit Shah's last minute desperation to woo Jat leaders by phone goes viral

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Can Amit Shah Succeed Wooing Jat Leaders? The Video shows an Air of Desperation

The authenticity of this video cannot be verified but has gone viral in social media. But it purportedly shows BJP President Amit Shah desperately wooing Jat leaders. You can’t blame him. If at all BJP has to put up a decent show in UP, failure during the first two phases of UP is no option. If  BJP suffers big setbacks during the first two phases, most likely the party faces a high prospect of total rout. That Amit Shah is making last minute efforts to woo the Jats, indicate that the BJP has not lost total hope of retaining at least part of their Jat vote they attracted during 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Or is Ami Shah’s efforts akin a drowning man clutching at straws? March 11th will reveal. 

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