TheCitizen: Amit Shah confesses without Jats, the BJP faces rout in UP

Monday, February 13, 2017

Shah makes it clear that is a huge worry  without the Jat vote the BJP will lose the Assembly elections in UP.

Two, despite the whispered campaign he makes it clear that in his view the Samajwadi-Congress alliance is best poised to come to power. There is no mention of Mayawati and the Bahujan Samaj party in the audio clip, with Shah repeatedly pointing out that if the BJP is defeated, the alliance will come to power. And then he goes on to remind those attending the meeting that the alliance has been against the Jats, and without referring to the Muzaffarnagar violence, reminds them that the BJP local leaders (he points at someone without naming him). had aged by “eight years” just through the effort of getting the “bachas” out of lock up, one after the other.

Shah reminds the Jats that the alternative to the BJP in the state, would be against the biradari. And would work against them. He repeatedly points out that this distance between the BJP and the biradari would not benefit either, and literally begs them not to be influenced by the emotional propaganda of others. “Please don’t accept this, we will both be hurt, and those who worked against reservation for you will benefit,” he says.

Shah further tells the group that the BJP had no interest in making them angry, what will we gain from it. There is some interruption that is inaudible on the tape but to which he responds in again very conciliatory tones, you are asking me for accounts, not those who have worked against you, don’t think like this.

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