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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chanakya-MailToday Karnataka Exit Poll


(PTI) The results of exit polls are pointing in Karnataka. According to exit polls of voters and Todays Chanakya C in Karnataka BJP's 'Magic' has failed and has had tremendous Yedayurppa Factor BJP. The state will come down to half its seats, while the Congress comfortably tremendous performance will cross the majority mark.

C-Voter Voter exit polls in the state in Congress from 223 to 114 seats. Congress won 80 seats in the 2008 assembly elections. Thus it is expected to gain 34 seats. The Karnataka total of 224 seats to 223 seats is as voting. The ruling party may be jolted. According to exit polls, the only fort in South India Karnataka BJP is set to collapse. Yedayurppa Lingayat community leader from the BJP, the party would suffer great loss.

BJP won 110 seats in the last elections is estimated to have declined from over half or 55. According to C-Voter Yedayurppa Karnataka Janata Party (Kejepi) has 11 seats. JD (S) to 9 seats 34 and is likely to do.

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