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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ford Foundation, International NGO, Avaas of Arab Spring disrepute and Arvind Kejriwal

Just imagine, the expense for Kejriwal's studies in the US was paid by the Government of India where he was apparently recruited by the CIA. Ford Foundation and Avaas who played a pivotal role in the Arab Spring are linked to Arvind Kejriwal & IAC.   
Both funded civil disobedience movement in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria. Digvijay Singh said. Kejriwal boasted he would make New Delhi, Tahrir Square (Egypt)
"What is the logistical and other support your anti-corruption movement received from Avaaz?" Digvijay Singh asked.
The first time Arvind Kejriwal was asked whether he was funded by Ford Foundation he reacted
 "Give Me Proof".   
My blog the next day flashed the proof from Ford Foundation website. Kejriwal then replied, "If am a CIA agent so is Shastry" [Shastry is the Dean of IIM-B who also runs a NGO funded by Ford Foundation and Netherlands agency, HIVOS and a supporter of IAC]

Digvijay Singh asked:
"Why there are no details of individual donors and corporate donors on any website of your NGOs. Is it a fact that the NGO, Kabir, with whom you are closely associated, received $172000 and $197000 from Ford Foundation in 2005 and 2009 respectively?...

"Was this foreign money used to organise seminars, advocacy, discussions, programmes, social media campaigns and publicity material related to the issue of corruption?" 
So tell us your links with Aawas, Mr Kejriwal. Why do you refuse to reply as if you are a CIA stooge

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