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Monday, September 10, 2012

Two Cartoons, Freedom of Expression and Needless Controversy

There were two cartoons recently that kicked up huge controversy.
Both are distasteful. One is obscene and the other insults the Indian National Emblem

We have great cartoonists like Shankar; Laxman; Ajit Ninan; Manjul; Satish etc Even the Amul cartoon packs political punches every day.
But none of them reduced themselves as an apology for a cartoonist as these two cartoons demonstrates.

Humour is lost and what is left is perversion and venom.

Still there is no need to make a martyr of the likes of Azeem Trivedi by arresting him. After all he is a third rate cartoonist with a perverted sense of humour


  1. Why? The aseem trivedi one is not a bad one. Are these politicians not misusing their powers granted by constitution. All emblems related to our country and administration have lost their significance and Democracy in India has been lost. The cartoon is extremely right in portraying the true state of our country. The Sri-Lankan one might be obscene but Trivedi's cartoon is not bad at all.

  2. Anubhav. You are entitled to your opinion. But it is the double standard I find puzzling - when a mob desecrated an army memorial people get upset. Now a national emblem gets desecrated and they have no objections, giving all kinds of explanation. I am no supporter of ultra nationalism but find this irony puzzling

  3. the person who has communal harmony in his name (azeem trivedi) and what he made was not made by him actually, but it was we all and our so called politicians who compel him to draw like that other wise he had other options besides CORRUPTION, so he could use his creativity for better image, if that is crime, i am also a criminal and and i am sure 80% of youth is with him.


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