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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Modi directs 10,000 Muslims to attend his fast!

Narendra Modi fast: 10,000 Muslims to share dais

Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s fast promises to be a bigger event for social harmony than he may have anticipated. Don’t be surprised if your see a large number of Muslims on the podium on which Modi will begin his three-day fast from Saturday.

The saffron party has made sure that thousands of Muslims attend the event with visibility. This will buttress the Modi government’s claim that the chief minister and the BJP have acceptance among Muslims in the state. If the claim of the party’s minority cell is any thing to go by, more than 10.000 Muslims will visit the University Convention Centre during the event. 

Sources said the party had directed its senior leaders of the minority community in all corners of the state to send the maximum number of people of their community to attend Modi’s fast. 

Bollywood music director Ismail Darbar would attend the fast on Monday and has plans of meeting the chief minister personally. 
“Between 2,000 and 2,500 Muslims from each of the five zones of the state will come to meet the chief minister during the event,” said Kadar Salot, convenor of the BJP minority cell. 

“They will come voluntarily and bear all the expenses of their visit,” he added.

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  1. Your caricature shows Modi holding Golwalkar's "We..." with another book with a Swastika printed on it, inside. You may very smartly think that the caricature by printing the Swastika - which you imagine is a Nazi symbol - shows up Modi to be a Nazi himself. But actually, the Swastika is a very old symbol found in several cultures and is a sacred one for Hindus as well as Jain. In effect what you have achieved is to paint all Hindus and Jains as Nazis, simply because the Nazi party borrowed and misused a Hindu symbol. And then you wonder why you guys don't find any traction among Hindus?


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