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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kanimozhi issue: Defensive DMK snarls and bears it

CHENNAI: At its headquarters, the Anna Arivalayam here on Wednesday the ruling DMK continued to put up an enigmatic front in its relations with the Congress, expressing shock at the party's MP Kanimozhi Karunanidhi being dragged into the spectrum case, but stopping well short of snapping links with the Congress.

After its high-level committee met over the issue of Kanimozhi being named a co-conspirator in the 2G scam by the CBI, the DMK leadership, on expected lines, decided to back the party MP and fight the case legally. Kanimozhi herself repeated that line, when pressed for comment, stating "It's in the court. We will fight it legally".

Chief minister M Karunanidhi said he was "anguished" over the inclusion of his daughter Kanimozhi in the second round of charge sheets in the spectrum allocation case. His statement is considered a morale booster for the MP, amidst speculation whether the party has not backed her strongly enough and is facing isolation within the DMK.

However, the party showed no signs of taking a hard line against the Congress by withdrawing support to the UPA coalition. A firm line of thinking on the issue is only expected after the results of the Tamil Nadu assembly election, which DMK leaders hope will go in its favour.

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  1. Just like Karunanidhi made Jan 14 as Tamil New years day , why not shift diwali to some other day so that they can celebrate it together , like the day Kanimozhi comes out of jail (never). Ha ha

  2. Very Soon 2G will be Buried by CBI-Congress Bureau of Investigation. SC can do nothing. they can only ask questions, not more than that. Day is not far off 2G will come to an End.Raja will be made a Scap goat and Raja will be Jailed for another 10 years others will happyly enjoy.


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